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FAQ & Tips

We will endeavour to collect relevant tips, questions and answers to be posted here.

Question:   Will KidsBlocker work in every home?

Answer:     Yes, we have yet to find a home where KidsBlocker could not be installed.  There have been a very small number of homes with non standards compliant devices - such as wireless extenders.  If you have any concerns, please send us your configuration details before ordering.  In the event that we are not able to resolve any setup issues within the first month, you will be offered a full refund.

Question:   Do I need a wireless password on my KidsBlocker

Answer:     Not compulsory.  If you have your default set to Block all new devices, unauthorised devices will not be able to use your wireless.

Question:   Will KidsBlocker slow down my internet

Answer:     Probably not.  We have not been able to measure any degradation in our test system.  However KidsBlocker is another device is your network and therefore there is some theoretical degradation.  We would expect few users will ever notice and difference.

Question:   Where can I find the OpenWRT Source Code?

Answer:     Kidsblocker was developed using the OpenWRT firmware build R33201. A copy of this code can be found at


Recommendations for protecting children in the Internet. 

  • Parental controls should always be seen as an instrument to support parents but never as a complete solution themselves. Therefore, always discuss with your children what kind of controls you set up and why - you should remember about the importance of direct communication with your children.
  • Web site filtering process is still not completely effective as filtering can be circumnavigated by sophisticated kids. However KidsBlocker should address incidental and accidental access to inappropriate material.
  • Do not share your ISP, KidsBlocker or Modem password with your kids.
  • Make sure you log out of KidsBlocker so that your kids cannot access it.
  • Be aware that your kids may use game consoles to access the Internet. These devices can be controlled with KidsBlocker just like any other device.
  • In case of mobile devices, it is often possible to by-pass the parental control tools.  KidsBlocker controls work just the same while the mobile phone is utilising the home internet.  You should be aware that if your kids have access to mobile data (3G/4G) then this access is currently not controlled by KidsBlocker.    You should consider your kids need for mobile data.
  • Another good strategy is to quarantine mobile phones from bedrooms during sleeping times.  An effective suggestion here would be to have all phone charges located in a family area of the home and a agreed rule that all phones should be in their charging dock overnight.